Real-time visitor counting solution up and running at Åland Disc Golf Island


Åland Dic Golf island (, the largest DiscGolfPark in the World was opened this summer, when they opened up 11 courses at July 25th 2020. More courses will be opened later this year. delivered real-time visitor counting solution to Åland. All courses are equipped with sensors, which are measuring the number of players. Real time data can be seen on the map at

I had discussion with Mats Adamczak, who is the man behind this crazy idea to build 16 courses on such a small island in just few months.

Mikko: You got idea to make Åland the biggest Disc Golf destination in the World. How did you end up to that crazy idea?

  • Mats: "I'm in an action group for saving the Åland economy during COVID-19 crises. The groups is gathered by the Minister of business in Aland.

    When I was starting to analysis what we have to do I pretty soon realized that we need some new activities on the island that can feel safe and interesting for new segments of visitors. With one of the meetings with the action groups I was explaining my thoughts and meanwhile I was talking I realized that discgolf could be the answer for me requirements.

    So I started to look in to the facts and saw the great expansion in the close region and after that it was all in for me. So we have to go big to get the attention from the discgolf world."

Mikko: What was your vision about how to track visitors in Åland DiscGolfPark?

  • Mats: "I had different reasons, one was to somehow understand how many are at the different courses so I can see how popular discgolf are. On another was to be able to give the visitors service so they could go to courses that are not so crowded, because I'm many places it is long waiting times before you can play."

Testing real-time visitor counter at Sandösunds DGP

Mikko: Why did you end up to choose as your partner?

  • Mats: "When we announced the project different people took contact with me in the industry and I have talked with them all and then I was continued with the one I got a good feeling with. And in the discussion with Fribarata I felt that they can deliver what I wanted."

I felt that they can deliver what I wanted

Real-time visitor counter installed (can you find it)

Mikko: Are you happy with state of art real-time data you will get from all the courses?

  • Mats: "Yes it is really interesting for me and also for the course owner to see how many are playing so if they improve the course it will come more players, so It is making my life much easier when I talk to people on the island about this project."

It is making my life much easier 

Real-time visitor counter installed (can you find it) 

Mikko: How will you analyse data and how will you and your community benefit about it?

  • Mats: "We will be able to see how long the restaurants should have opening hours and how long they should have there season.

    We can also use the data to understand how popular discgolf are and much other data that we can use strategical, tactical and operative."

Mikko: What's your future plans for Disc Golf in Åland?

  • Mats: "We are starting to make the last 5 courses in the middle of august and they should be up and running in the end of October.

    One of them are planned to be a pay and play course so we can get also a center for discgolf on the island.

    We will have good competitions here next year and hopefully we will be able to make a yearly pro tour tournament on the island already next year."

How to get similar real-time solution to your Disc Golf course, contact me